The Youth Work Corporation is a project that focuses on keeping young people involved in the labor market and society in order to improve social cohesion in the neighborhood. Young people with a distance to the labor market and most of them unemployed. Under the umbrella of a Youth Work Corporation, these young people are encouraged and guided to set up their own business and / or are activated to provide for their income independently. A Youth Work Corporation is the beating heart of a neighborhood, community

Commissioned by EU, province of North Brabant, 3 Brabant municipalities and youth care institutions. Total 3-year budget: € 4.2 million.

Result: of the 200 participating youngsters, 60% has started her/his own business, 10% returned to school and 10% has a regular job.

FIT BV has brought the project from idea to execution and was responsible (projectmanagement) in the execution phase.

Within this project we coöperated with projects from Italy, Poland, Finland and Germany.

Final evaluation EU coöperation
One of the entrepreneurs: a streetdance school